What Is A Car Led Bulb?

DIP or SMD, LED bulbs are best led headlights on the market for the quality of the lighting they broadcast. Their brightness is so different from that of the old filament bulbs and offers such a driving comfort that you will immediately understand that switching to LED lighting is not just a fancy of passionate tuning. More homogeneous, more stable and less scintillating, the beam emitted by an LED bulb displays a clearly superior quality.

Forget the yellow lighting of the filament bulbs: thanks to the LED bulbs, your lights will produce a very white light, which will illuminate as ever. You gain visibility, for you as for others. Users arriving in front or behind you will spot much better, and you gain visibility inside LED ceiling lights.

An LED bulb also allows a real energy saving. ! An undeniable advantage, reinforced by the absence of heat or electromagnetic wave released by the bulb, which allows everyone to drive safely. The long life of LED bulbs provides you with an average of around 30,000 hours of lighting. What to leave for endless road trips!

White and powerful, the LED bulb is also an indisputable design asset for your car. Modern, if not futuristic, it can be installed to replace all the headlights of your vehicle, but also all interior lighting.

Install LED car bulbs

If you do not have a car equipped with LED bulbs in original equipment, know that installing LED car bulbs is a simple process that does not require the intervention of a garage and can perfectly be implemented by his own means.

Before you start replacing your filament bulbs with LED bulbs, you must test the error message. This step is fundamental, in order to know if you will need to acquire an anti-error LED bulb , or a standard model. Indeed, when installing an LED bulb, the dashboard of your car may display a light or an error message telling you that the bulb is burned or not working. This reaction is due to the low consumption of an LED bulb to work.

Before you buy your LED bulb, remove an original bulb and see if your computer displays anything. In this case, you simply need to opt for an error-free LED bulb, whose additional resistance can fool the computer on board.

Car LED bulbs for all caps and all styles

Thanks to the wide range of caps available, LED bulbs are compatible with all types of vehicles. We can list the bulbs W21W, W16W, W5W, W1.2W, W2.3W, PY21W, W5W, shuttles, fog lights H1, H4, H7 and H8 or even daytime running lights. So you can equip your car by LED bulbs as you see fit, also making you enjoy design side.

Indeed, the lighting of LED bulbs can take different shades, sport a xenon effect as elegant as futuristic and give a fascinating look to your car. In addition to being powerful and effective, LED bulbs are at the service of the style of your car, which you can customize at will.

Tips for the interior lighting of your car in LED

Want a well thought and aesthetic lighting to dress the interior of your car, from the trunk to the glove box? The LED bulbs excel here too, provided you take some details into consideration.

The first question to ask yourself before choosing this or that LED model is: does this bulb light up front, side, or 360 °? The side lighting does indeed lose a lot of brightness, but finds its place in places where we want a more subdued light, as in the glove box, for example. On the contrary, to easily find his stuff in the trunk, opt for a LED ceiling light that illuminates front or 360 °

Auto Ceiling Lights: switch to LED bulbs

Depending on the design you want to give your car, you can change all your filament bulbs for LED car bulbs for your pilot lights, position lights, police plate lights, interior ceiling lights, headlights, fog lights are part of those who replace themselves more easily. For daytime running lights you can replace the original Halogen bulb for a car LED bulb for W21W daytime running lights; P21W, P21 / 5W, W21W or HP21W to give a modern look to your car like the Audi.

Installed on turn signals, the amber yellow LED flashing lights guarantee a clean and clear lighting, free from any flickering and well orange. At the same time, you get rid of the orange glow that is present when the headlights are off and that can sometimes lead us to believe that they are still active.

Finally, the led bulbs for reversing lights produce quality lighting that you will appreciate at every maneuver to perform at night.

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