Tips On Adsense Ad Blocks

Simple tips for adsense account :

  • The adsense account ads in the same column of the main content will be more profitable: since the ads will appear are related to the content of each article, and that adsense ad more visible.
  • The color of the text of the ads should be colorful and the same as the titles of your articles.
  • The most profitable ad unit is 336 × 280.
  • Use the A / B Test : you can put different ads and see which format gives you greater profitability.
  • Set tracking criteria for all your ads: this will help you to discard ad formats being unprofitable or see which ones work for you.
  • It’s best 3 ad units (it’s the maximum allowed by adsense) or only 1: this depends on all of the above, so test ( many ads will increase the number of clicks and decrease the pay-per-click, The number of clicks, but increase the pay-per-click ) for this reason, depends on the theme, position of the ads, etc …

What NOT to do with Adsense Account Ads

  • The first thing to do: Review the conditions of the adsense program .
  • DO NOT think about clicking on your own ads: the most you can get is to waste time, those clicks do not get paid, or worse, to close the adsense account.
  • You cannot place adsense account ads on any blog (check the adsense policy and look at the issues not allowed in adsense)
  • Do not modify the adsense ads code.
  • Do not encourage clicks on your ads with words such as: I recommend … Content of interest … or putting images close to ads
  • Do not place advertisements on websites with content that infringes Copyright (for example, download sites)
  • Do not place ads in places like popup windows.
  • In summary: Read the full AdSense policy .

Google always helps you

I continue with the same as always, although Google is now the “God of the internet” and does and undoes as he wants, always helps us. So here is a link to the Adsense Academy with tips of all kinds to make your blog more profitable .

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