Summer Skin Whitening Trilogy

white Raiders

First step clean whitening choice is Best Skin Care! Do not look clean this step Oh, because it is for the whitening effect of promotion can not be underestimated. To know the body’s metabolism will produce sweat, fat and aging sebum, these metabolites and the dirt in the environment together, the surface of our skin, and gradually formed a “dump.” For the skin to do a comprehensive clean care is a veritable “clean.”

Use lactic

acid horn and orange with whitening ingredients : sour cream and orange ingredients, can significantly improve dull skin color.

Green Tea: Tea polyphenols in green tea helps moisturize and instantly fight oxidation.

Licorice extract: can make the skin is not red after drying, hinder the formation of melanin.

The second step

After bathing, the body’s heat has not dispersed, the energy of metabolism is still magic on your skin. Take advantage of this time, apply the plant extracts or plant essential oils containing the body film, soothing, relaxing and detoxification at the same time, let your skin as newborn baby-like smooth, white.

“whitening function” is the most common body care cream instructions, if you want to quickly and efficiently play a whitening effect, it is recommended that you choose our recommended for you with a whitening body care body product.

Body Lotion

with Whitening Cream Vitamin C: It suppresses pigmentation and promotes collagen growth in the dermis, leaving the skin bright and full of elasticity.

Vitamin A: It can enter the interior of the cell nucleus and improve the dull condition of the skin through the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Fruit acid: acid can stimulate the growth of new cells, to fine lines, dilute the epidermal pigment.

The third step


UV is the skin’s number one predator, a strong ultraviolet light will not only cause the skin’s oxidation, but also accelerate the formation of melanin, even more frightening is that there will be super-serious pigmentation and pigmentation, whitening is essential. Every summer, the sun always ruthlessly leave marks on the skin, the saying goes: “The best offensive is defensive!” Whitening is actually the key to the whitening whitening plan, “of course, we of course The best sunscreen “weapon” is sunscreen.

Sunscreen types:

A, to prevent sunburn and sunburn, this sunscreen used to isolate UVB, SPF is to identify the SPF.

B, to prevent tanning, this sunscreen used to isolate UVA, SP index with PA to identify.

How to choose sunscreen

Usually shopping, go out, go to work, you can choose the first two, the general SPF15 is enough, pay attention to make up after the sweat coating.

If it is a travel abroad, it is best to use the third to do a comprehensive protection, the general should choose SPF30 above, to resist the strong sun damage. Do not forget, if it is to go to the beach in the scorching sun, it is best to choose waterproof sunscreen.

UV damage to the skin at night is not only limited to the day and night to listen to the concert, or go to the pub, those spotlights, fluorescent UV intensity can not be ignored, so go out activities at night, do not forget to Skin add a “protective jacket”.

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