Roulette Win Method – Stable Version

What you want to teach here is the stable version of Roulette Winning method. This method requires best rated online casinos. This method is a little more time-consuming than the roulette speed, but it can help you steadily increase the money in your account.

If you add $ 200 bonus to your account (which is normally provided by new registered users plus bonus), this method can make you bet at least 11 pips, almost without any possibility of losing. The method of betting here is to take the three areas divided on the table (see the yellow arrow below). The odds here are 3: 1, which means three times the amount of the bet is a bonus if you win the bet. You can test this for free by downloading the online casino’s Practice Mode or Play For Fun.

A few key points:

When taking notes, if you find that the number of balls falling into the three areas is very average, for example, 11321 or 33312, it means that the next few rounds of the program will equalize the ball in the two smaller areas, several times. If you want to go back to the game after winning the game, if this happens, do not bet directly on the “Spin” to see where the ball falls and then push the game back until you reach a certain area When it appeared once or not at all, it was time to bet.

If you fall into the 0 when the ball is idle, that is time to change the table. After dropping into 0, the number of innings will become very random. First leave the game screen to the main menu and re-enter the game. Keep playing if you bet on it until you win.

It is recommended to play only the European Roulette. There are European Roulette and American Roulette in the general online casino. The difference between European and American is that there is only one 0 in European style and 2 in American style (0 and 00 ), Gambling Continental Roulette need to change the chance of the table than the American roulette table opportunities for low, the chance of winning is relatively large.

Play only Single Player so you have time to rotate the wheel and take notes, and most importantly you can bet at any time you want.

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