Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournament Dictionary: Planned Tournament – Start at a certain hour. With world series of poker codes large number of players at many tables and the tournament continues until the final table with the best players. The tournament ends when one player collects all the game play. Then prizes are paid.

Planned tournaments are two types: Free Out and Re-Entry

Frees Out – The simplest and most famous form of tournaments. After paying the entry fee, the player gets a certain amount of play chips and if he loses all the chips he finishes his participation in the tournament.

Re-entry tournament – In this tournament the player can re-enter after losing the game play

Sit & Go – tournament at one table. The tournament begins after the registration of a certain number of players. In special tournaments Sit & Go – Championship tables are playing at many tables at the same time.

Lunar tournaments – Qualifying tournaments for large tournaments with high entrance fees and large prizes.

Individual tournament – tournament between two players – and the winner wins all the prizes.

Free Tournament – Multi-table tournament with no entry fee. And it is done many times a day. This tournament is suitable for beginners.

Special Tournament – Special and special occasions. The possibility of winning big prizes and special achievements.


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