Mosquito Killer Wiper

Manufacturers and their equipment manufacturers are redoubling their ingenuity to improve night vision. But they do not forget to look at the inconveniences that can occur in broad daylight. Starting with mosquitoes and other mosquito killer bug that have the bad idea to come crashing against the windshields of our cars. A detail, do you think, that is adjusted with a windshield wiper? Not always. Venture into some areas at the height of the summer, when it’s hot and humid, and you’ll understand that the problem may be more difficult than it seems.

In a department like the Landes for example, mosquitoes and other small winged animals can be extremely tough for the windshields of motorists,” says one at Valeo. Because they feed on the sap of pines, present in large quantities in this region. “Result, when they crash against cars, they stick! Impossible or almost to make them leave with water. Even the few products available in specialty stores have only mixed results.

The French equipment manufacturer has studied the problem thoroughly. He even associated with a mosquito farm, in the Landes precisely, which provided him with guinea pigs to crush on the windows! From his “in vivo” experiments, he has come up with a solution: windscreen wiper blades pierced with small holes, which project a thin layer of “demosaicing” product directly onto the windshield. He “dissolves” these little animals before they dry up. After letting this product work for a few seconds, the windshield is washed with the conventional washer fluid. “The cleaning cycle takes about sixty seconds,” says an engineer. It can be activated directly from inside the vehicle, or remotely, from a smartphone via a dedicated application. “The process would also allow to lighten the vehicle by 2 kg using a smaller amount of on-board liquid, which would help to reduce CO2 emissions per kilometer by 0.2 g. In the coming months, it will be installed for the first time in series on a model of a German manufacturer.

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