How To Make Money On The Site

Your site already has a good attendance, visitors are actively browsing how to make money online for free – all this can be used for earnings. By the way, notice that you went to earn a whole year, you cannot earn immediately. But this is the price of earning on the Internet from scratch – if you do not have money, you will have to use time.

Earnings on sites – it’s earnings on advertising. Advertisers pay for placing their materials on your site. But advertising is different, it is divided into the following types:

Contextual advertising. It happens both textual and graphic (in the form of a picture). It is an ad unit.

Contextual advertising is broadcast on the site always, because you work not with one advertiser, but with a lot. In the role of an intermediary are the famous search engines – Yandex and Google. For their services, they take a portion of the money themselves, and the remaining amount is given to the owners of the sites.

Not paid block impressions, but clicks on ads. Given the number of visitors (7-800 per day), as well as the number of views (1500-2000), we can assume that the number of clicks per day will be about 15. The revenue from them will depend on the cost of a single click. The more it is, the better. Suppose that one click will cost 7-8 rubles (Yandex.Direct), well, or 25 cents (Google.Adsense). Then you will earn 7 * 15 = 105 rubles per day, for a month this number will reach 3 thousand.

Banner advertising. In this case, advertisers pay a fixed price, which depends on the attendance of the blog. Banner is an animated graphic element, on which drawings periodically change. Given our attendance of 800 people per day, you can count on 1000 rubles a month from a banner placed in the header of the site.

Advertising link. It is, as a rule, a guard – a link to another site. It is accompanied by two or three sentences. The main purpose of such advertising is to attract visitors to the site to which this link is linked. But sometimes links are also placed to transfer the dynamic weight of the page, which is used for promotion in the search engines. We will assume that for one link you will receive 30 rubles. If you write 25 articles a month and add one link in each, you earn 25 * 3 = 750 rubles. But this amount may be smaller, because not always there are advertisers. Therefore, we will reduce this figure to 400 rubles per month.

Advertising line. Advertisers pay for the number of line impressions. Advertising line – something like a guardsman, but it is visible on all pages of the site. Most often it is placed on the site header or over the page headers. Payment is considered as the number of impressions of the link. For 1000 impressions, as a rule, 1 dollar is paid, but it is better to put the price lower (for example 0,8 $ / 1000). Then for a month with the help of an advertising line you will earn about $ 40, which is slightly more than on banners.

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