How To Choose Your Makeup Brushes

We always take the trouble to carefully choose our palettes and make-up by ensuring that each shade matches the complexion, but do we think we take the right accessories? Here are some tips to remember when choosing my makeup brush set coupon.

Which brush for which use?

Makeup brushes can be made of natural hair or synthetic hair. At first glance, we do not really see where the difference is, but when it comes to use, we feel that they have an undeniable impact on the makeup result. Makeup brushes in natural hair are to be kept for the application of powders on the face, eye shadow, blush or compact powders as they allow to distribute the product harmoniously on the face and to even out the complexion.

Makeup brushes made of synthetic bristles are recommended when applying liquid textures such as cream blushes, liquid foundations and lipsticks. Overall, the natural-bristled brush is significantly more effective in use, but in maintenance, the synthetic-bristle brush is easier to clean and is more weather and wear resistant.

How to recognize a good quality brush?

As for the form, there are no precise rules, but the ideal is to choose only the slim models that ensure a good grip. We also remember brushes with soft bristles and that offer a good texture when held in the hand. As we will use them every day, it is imperative that they make a good level of comfort and a good efficiency. To do this, do not hesitate to touch and hand in to see if the hairs are not too stiff and rough.

Some brushes lose their hair as and when use, these brushes, it is better to avoid them and not to be fooled shop, it will take the trouble to pass on the back of the hand, if they lose their hair then, it is better to opt for another model. Similarly, a brush whose hair is uneven in some places is just as uninteresting, because the hair will go to the first wash.

Clearly, to choose the right brush, it will already know what use they are going to use and then recognize how models that promise real efficiencies. Those who start in the makeup will have a little trouble to navigate, but with experience, it should not cause any more problems.

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