Hair That Is Hair Care, Styling Can Be So Easy, Philips To Create The Beginning Of Shiny

People say: hair is the second face of a woman, facial care well, that hair it? We all know that there should be a beautiful sparkling hair in addition to shampoo hair and so on, hair can also blow hair maintenance it?

Hair damage caused by the hair dryer is often compromised. A hairdryer can be hair care is not amazing. New generation of philips hp8100 06 hair dryer able to retain 85% of the hair-pin retention capacity, so that the water of blows, shiny hair. Do you believe? After I run out deeply believe that, no longer have to go back to ordinary hair dryer!

Philips has a stylish appearance of a new generation of temperature-controlled angel hair dryer, pearl champagne gold beautiful body + matte touch of ergonomic hand. There should not be a hair dryer can do such a high-quality technology

Use the function above, there are three sections of temperature and Sec wind speed, as well as easy to do the shape of the moment cold wind button, so blow out the shape more lasting

Champagne safety outlet very beautiful grid, below the negative ion switch, a key press output of 10 million negative ions per second protective film

Turn on the negative ion switch, the side of the fuselage will light blue-violet light LED display

Philips exclusive EHD anion uniform diversion technology, the anion can be evenly coated with each hair, deep moisturizing the hair, but also to prevent the bifurcation and fracture. A good hair dryer with the right hair style will be able to create an angel halo shiny hair

Blown hair, we must lift the layers of hair to ensure that both the scalp and hair roots can be dry, the real dry hair roots to make fluffier not flat. So, do not blow half dry or wait for natural dry

Generally, blow hair, easy to dry hair due to overheating, even if healthy hair is easily damaged dull

Philips infrared temperature-sensing technology, back and forth to detect hair surface 30 times per second, automatically detect the adjustment of temperature and humidity, hair and scalp are subject to care.

Philips technology is everywhere, with this temperature-controlled angel hair dryer, I do not need to blow the left to blow the right, to make the hair evenly heated

Blowing a beautiful shiny hair becomes more simple. Blowing hair, you can use your fingers to hold your hair down from top to bottom, can help arrange the tidy Lingerie not frizzy

85% hair core lock water, really make dry hair feel water moist water, 1500W Power wattage, can quickly blow dry and still maintain the perfect condition of hair moisture and hair protein

After drying, the hair just like smoking a full hair care product like moist texture. The texture of this hair is something I have never had before! Really can not underestimate the powerful technology

Angel halo hair can be done with the blow

I used to use an ordinary hair dryer blow hair, the blow process needs to always pay attention to the high temperature hair dryer to avoid blowing the same hair has been. Otherwise, the more the hot hair blowing more easily irritable and dry, especially after blowing hair in summer is often hot and tired!

Hair dryer with temperature control angel hair can easily blow straight and shiny hair ~ really subvert my hair dryer impression, person with a hot roll can use the included professional hood, as long as the curly hair tail is placed in the hood, the puff can be blown

When it comes to styling, Philips also has simple tools that can be easily manipulated by the handicapped: Hair Salon Hair styling

This is only an automatic styling comb I recommend to not good at using electric wand or hair dryer at the same time with the comb blow molding people use

Because only one hand operation, regardless of Bob or romance volume can be done on their own

Salon-class hair styling comb

A comb with two curling combs can be used interchangeably to create different hairstyle effects: a wide 50mm natural pig brown comb and thin 30mm retractable hair volume

The point is that it is not just a comb, but a styling comb that takes negative ions and rolls it up automatically

Its function is very simple

The top is to replace the comb head switch button for a press can be changed comb

Then there are two sections of the rotation speed switch (I is low speed, II is high speed)

Followed by two wind speed with three temperature switches. The bottom button is the button for curly hair.

Basically, as long as the top of the speed and speed of the wind temperature is well adjusted, you can roll out a beautiful micro-curved tail

50mm natural bristle comb can blow out fluffier natural hair flu

Short hair can use this comb to roll out the natural Bob’s head

The way of using is very simple, it’s really simpler than the electric wand

If the tail is easy to Alice who can pull the comb to the hair tail, a little while can be blown out straight hair tail You do not need to get a hair dryer + comb to make yourself scramble blowing hair

As long as this one will get, and this salon-class hair styling comb will also release 10 million per second negative ion hair protection

55 degrees of constant temperature hair care function, do not worry about making the model will be overheated and hot hair

Just put the hair on the comb, one hand can operate it! Really nice and convenient

Those who want to blow out the puffy sea can also blow the sea with a comb of 50mm

Another 30mm retractable curly hair, curly hair romantic style can be rolled out

It’s great to roll your hair as long as the top of the knob for a turn, the comb will be closed up, the hair will not knot nor afraid of too hot, immediately loosen

Not the same with the electric bar is the use of styling comb to the hair on the roll, it is best to blow the hair when the first eight minutes of modeling the best effect

Roll up the small bundle of hair, each roll is about 20 seconds, so that the hair can be heated

Release the comb, you can show romantic curls

Winter hair often have the problem of static electricity

Can carry the anion comb

As long as a comb can immediately eliminate frizz and static electricity, hair immediately shiny

Let you always have a shiny hairstyle, Philips anion comb is cute cherry pink, Very lightweight, smaller than the phone. Positive texture is good, there are beautiful cherry pattern. Dome ball face comb comb scalp are like massage, just open the negative ion switch on the side, will release 2 million moisturizing anions per second. Let the hair combed more shiny

Special hair scrub moisturizing technology, as long as a gentle comb, the scaly flannel will be the perfect service

Out of the house at any time there will be just playing the entire play soft and shiny hair. The point is that such a cute little comb will not shy people come out shy sorry

This anion only comb should be called a small secret weapon with shiny hair. From the hair dryer, hair styling comb, anion comb, Philips designed for women really very thoughtful.


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