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Just getting a Facebook Page is definitely only the start of developing a successful social media plan. Nevertheless with the appropriate method does not just help you build relationships with Fans, but generate amazing leads and actual ROI from your Facebook following.

So the Facebook sales cycle in its most obvious form is:

  1. Expand your Facebook fans
  2. Promote to gain email and phone inquiries
  3. Foster those fans to convert them to hot prospects
  4. Make those hot leads into sales

That’s the Facebook transformation formula. In substance a strategy for turning fans into clients

Convert your Facebook fans into leads

A fan turns into a lead whenever they willingly offer contact details, sign-up for your e-newsletter or usually opt-in to discover more about your small business. This is best achieved when there’s already brand appreciation in-place and you have presently situated yourself as the industry expert.

Begin by motivating involvement with your content in the Facebook news feed. As reported by a Hub spot Study in 2013, photos on Facebook make 53% a lot more likes than the regular post. The more likes, shares and remarks you obtain, the more noticeable future content will be to your fans.

Indirect Tactics

E-mail is the #1 reason adults go online. 92% of all grown-up internet surfers in the USA check their inbox on a regular basis (2). Capturing email addresses is vital to utilizing the partnership to the next level.

To achieve this, post a sign-up form to your Facebook page via a 3rd party app. At times inspire Fans to sign up to receive updates via email.

Productive Strategy

84% of all online surfers in america search for ‘how-to’ or DIY details.

Take advantage of your understanding and content on matters your ideal customer looks for and need contact details to download. ‘Fill in your name and email address and we’ll give back this white paper.’

The download must be set-up as an auto-reply to avoid you being forced to lift a finger.

How to turn leads into buyers

A great way to nurture prospects to sales ready state instantly is through a drip campaign. Below you’ll see an example drip campaign in which you offer content first and only show a product demonstration to warm leads. This method demands little upkeep from a marketing team, creating no touch sales.

Once you’ve offered substantial levels of content and warmed up the leads to point that you feel cozy requesting for the sale, it’s the perfect time to do just that.Make the sales through Facebook promotion by using discount rates and offers.

Include extra values such as free delivery, white glove service and product packages to close the deal.


It’s a long term strategy

Creating real income from Facebook is a long-term technique rather than a turn key solution. You must be patient and benefit driven to put yourself in the placement to establish your best fans, convert fans to leads and warm leads to profits.

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