Diet Of Simeons Or Diet HCG.

If you have already heard about this hcg diet foods, from the program Dressed, for example, we immediately want to clarify one thing: selling to date in Israel, diet kits have their own base of spray with plant contents, namely seaweed. Since the Israeli Ministry of Health banned the use of the human hormone, namely it is the basis of the abbreviation hCG, a new, herbal formula has been developed that provides the effect of hCG action, containing only seaweed and not containing human hormones. Therefore, it is safe for health and gives stable weight loss results of up to 15 kg within 40 days.

How does it work? Very simple:

You use a biological supplement based on the amazing seaweed, produced by an Israeli plant licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Your body begins to absorb its own bad fats from previously closed reserves. It does not burn muscle, does not lose fluid, you do not feel weakened and do not have to go in for sports.

Day after day you see that on average your weight drops by at least 500 grams. It’s amazing, is not it?

Simultaneously with the use of a spray that provides the body with a sufficient amount of nutrition by burning fat, you also eat a little ordinary food, the energy value of which in total is only 500 calories. In many cases, women say that they are unable to eat even such a small amount due to a feeling of satiety. This food is necessary only to prevent a situation where the body begins to resist and stops burning fats.

It took 23 to 40 days – you finish the process with the result of weight loss from 8 to 15 kilograms, which basically depends on your self-discipline and understanding of what has been read.

The diet was developed in Italy, in the middle of the last century by the British physician Dr. Simeons. For more than 40 years, it is known to a wide audience. On the Internet, you can find many success stories of women, whose weight has decreased from 5 to 30 kilograms in a very short period of time, without suffering and damage to health, which feel great and retain their result for a long time.

Of course, there are always people who do not follow the clear instructions for the passage of this wonderful process and therefore do not receive the necessary results or are tormented at its passage.

This is precisely the reason that the spray itself does not give results. It is necessary to use a detailed guide in which you can find answers to any cases that you may encounter during the diet, for example – difficulty in emptying the bowels, headache, menstrual cycle and much more. You should know even what kind of cosmetic preparations you can use to get the effect of stable weight loss.

In addition to using good guidance, you should also receive professional support from a person who is well acquainted with this diet, and has successfully completed hundreds of people through this process.

All this in aggregate gives you a guarantee that on the eve of your important event you will be in the best shape and deservedly enjoy your own amazing appearance and well-being – you really deserve it!

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