Battery Maintenance Tips

How to care for the battery

Motorcycle battery autozone cannot exceed the MAX mark position, otherwise the battery liquid seepage will make the battery end corrosion.

Hit the engine to start the engine cannot be consecutive times, the best no more than 15 seconds each time.

Battery level cannot be below the plate height, otherwise easily lead to plate charging bending, reducing battery life.

The liquid level is too low should be added to the distilled water, cannot be added to the liquid water, because the evaporation is charged outside the steam.

Do not use the quick charger to implement the battery charge, otherwise it will easily lead to battery failure.

Keep the battery surface dry without oil to prevent leakage. Clean the battery surface dirt should be used soda water or soapy water to clean.

Disassemble the battery cable, you should disassemble the wire, battery cable, should be installed before the fire line, it will not produce a short circuit, and sparks.

In order to prevent corrosion of the battery pile head, the surface can be coated with a layer of butter can be.

Rescue, the battery connection can only be connected in parallel, otherwise it will cause the car electrical equipment due to over-voltage and burned.

Do not install electrical equipment, if necessary, should re-install the battery capacity larger.

How to maintain the battery?

Automotive battery can be divided into two categories: one for the water-filled battery, the other for the water-free battery.

Please pay attention to whether the level of water in the battery is enough. If it is lower than the lower limit, you need to replenish the battery water. Do not add dilute sulfuric acid to reduce the battery life.

When the battery has a white powder pile head, it can be poured on the hot water to eliminate, and then coated with butter to prevent oxidation, resulting in poor contact.

In general, the average battery life of 2 years, it is recommended that when used after 2 years should be replaced to avoid the anchor.

When the car is dead, how to jumper?

Turn off the vehicle first and then connect the positive ( + ) / negative ( – ) connector of the battery of the two vehicles with the battery jumper .

After connecting, start the rescue vehicle’s engine for a few minutes before starting the engine of the vehicle being rescued; remove the battery jumper after the rescue vehicle is started.

The battery and voltage used by the two vehicles must be the same, and the battery jumper must be connected in parallel (ie, the positive pole and the negative pole are connected to the negative pole), otherwise the automotive circuit system will be burned due to over-voltage.


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