Tips On Adsense Ad Blocks


Simple tips for adsense account :

  • The adsense account ads in the same column of the main content will be more profitable: since the ads will appear are related to the content of each article, and that adsense ad more visible.
  • The color of the text of the ads should be colorful and the same as the titles of your articles.
  • The most profitable ad unit is 336 × 280.
  • Use the A / B Test : you can put different ads and see which format gives you greater profitability.
  • Set tracking criteria for all your ads: this will help you to discard ad formats being unprofitable or see which ones work for you.
  • It’s best 3 ad units (it’s the maximum allowed by adsense) or only 1: this depends on all of the above, so test ( many ads will increase the number of clicks and decrease the pay-per-click, The number of clicks, but increase the pay-per-click ) for this reason, depends on the theme, position of the ads, etc …

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